Our Pet Policy
We pride ourselves in being a “Pet-Friendly” community here at Gateway Apartments. We accept dogs, cats and fish! We understand that sometimes a home is not a home without your pets which is why we also have no breed, weight or age restrictions on any of our pets! We love ALL pets, young or old, big or small, no matter the breed. Bring your pet home to Gateway Apartments.

Waste Management Program
Take a walk thru our beautiful property, be daring and walk the grass, take a seat, maybe even lay down to watch the clouds and you will notice that our grass is a safe place, free of poop! This is home to many people and pets and everyone shares the “yard” here, which is why we have a waste management program. Dog waste is not only unsightly, but more importantly, it can be unsafe to other pets, children and the environment. We love being able to provide a more attractive and healthier living environment for our residents and pets.

How Does It Work
Every dog is swabbed when they move in and their DNA is kept on file with The DNA World Pet Registry and in the event that someone does not pick up after their dog, we will collect, sample and mail it to the BioPet Vet Lab with Poo Prints. There it will be processed through DNA testing, compared and matched to a dogs’ registered DNA. We are notified of the dog and owner and are able to fine the person responsible accordingly.

This program has proven to be extremely accurate and very effective in reducing and eliminating un-scooped dog waste from our community. You can live happily at Gateway Apartments, knowing that unsightly waste won’t be an issue.